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School Activities

At the same time, a rich program of Co-curricular activities runs.



Art, pottery, tie & dye, Lantern Making, Glass Painting.

Industrial Crafts

Electronics, aero-modelling, computer programming, block Printing.



Community Service

Tree plantation, making compost pits, gardening, working with the poor and under – privileged, rural interaction.

Hobby Clubs

There is a lot more than academics that make a child well-rounded personality. Students become members and participate in a number of clubs which cover a wide range of interests such as debates , quizzing ,creative writing ,drama ,music ,dance ,art & crafts ,elocution , computer activities , projects involving environments & science and publication which helps to bring out the innate talents of a child and develop his/her Talents.




The universal language of music and dance forms helps students from across communities to bond and provide the perfect nutriment for the mind, body and soul. Recognizing the cultural richness of the country, the school provides a curriculum which includes performing and visual arts from the different region of the Country.

Excursion & Outings

The school organizes planned visits to various places to enrich the students and to take learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. The School sends all its students regularly on outings to nearby areas of interest on a day trip .It also organizes expedition and tour e.g. Mountaineering, river rafting ,camping ,and visits to places of historical importance at regular intervals.




Students who meditate perform better in school and handle academic stress more efficiently. Research has stated that meditation helps in rising IQ levels, improving mental functions and higher grades. The School places emphasis on activities that balances body and mind through yoga, meditation and other alternative Systems.


 We connect with inspiring and influential people for impactful school talks, helping young minds to think big and aim high. It provides students not only with different point of view, but also with potential resources which they can apply in their life. Wide ranges of eminent people are invited regularly to give a talk thereby broadening the child’s horizons.