A team of motivated and dedicated teachers has been formed including professionals for top positions from the best schools in India.
The faculty undergoes regular in-service training and is exposed to seminars and workshops to keep abreast of the latest international and national developments and innovations in the field of education.

Ms.Swati Pandey

Vice Principal

Department of Mathematics

Mr. Mukesh Rawat

M.A. , B.Ed.

Ms. Sunita Kukreti

M.Com, B.Ed

Ms. Shanky Bhatt

M.Sc , B.Ed.

Ms. Kavita Riyal

M.Com, B.Ed

Ms. Vandana Aswal

M.Sc, B.Ed.

Department of English

Department of Hindi

Ms. Laxmi

M.A., B.Ed

Ms. Meera Kothari

B.A. , D.El.Ed

Department of Science

Ms. Diksha Gupta


Ms. Poonam

M.Sc, B.Ed.

Ms. Niharika Rawat

M.Sc, B.Ed.

Department of Information & Technology

Ms. Jyoti Negi

M.Com, Pursuing B.Ed,MBA

Department of Social Science

Ms. Meera Kothari

B.A. , D.El.Ed

Ms. Rekha Sharma

M.A., B.Ed

Ms. Deepa Kaintura

M.Com, D.El.Ed

Department of Physical Education

Department of Art

Department of Commerce

Department of Music

Mother Teachers

Ms. Shikha Bhandari

Co-ordinator (Junior Wing)

Ms. Munni Chamola

M.A. ,D.El.Ed

Ms. Sapna Yadav

B.A. ,D.El.Ed

Ms. Kiran Kothari

M.A. ,D.El.Ed

Ms. Priyanka Joshi

M.A. ,B.Ed

Ms. Ranjana Ramola

B.Sc, D.El.Ed

Ms. Mamta Nautiyal

M.A. , D.El.Ed

Ms. Amrita Belwal

M.Com , B.Ed.

Ms. Roopali Singh

M.Sc. ,B.Ed

Administrative Staff