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  • 14/05/2023

    Mother’s Day celebration

    “God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.”- Rudyard Kipling

    Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother, as well as motherhood, maternal bond and influence of mothers in society.Keeping this bond in mind, the students of Pre school celebrated Mother’s Day on 12th May 2023. They showcased their love, respect and appreciation for their mothers in different ways. Our chief guest for this special day was Mrs. #Babita_Aggarwal who graced the occasion with her benign presence. She blessed all the kids and wished all mothers ‘A Happy Mother’s Day’. The teacher made an earnest effort to make this event successful. Our Tiny tots came up with their presentation of songs and rhymes to convey gratitude to their moms for their unconditional love. The moms had a splendid time in various fun games planned by the teachers. It was a pleasure watching the super excited moms during these activities. All in all, it was an enjoyable and memorable day for all the mothers. Here are the glimpses of the celebration

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  • 01/05/2023

    Inter House Solo Dance Competition Result

    An Inter-house solo dance competition was organised on May 01,2023 for the students of Grade 3-5. The theme of the dance competition was Regional dance and it was organised in two categories Category A (Grade 3) and Category B( Grade 4 and 5).

    All the participants from each house participated with full enthusiasm and showcased their talent.

    The result is as follows -

    CATEGORY A (Grade 3)
    I. Aarushi Ranghar
    II. Shreya Rawat
    III. Divyanka Pandey
    IV. Arpita Negi

    CATEGORY B (Grade 4-5)
    I. Anwesha Painuli,Grade 4
    II. Anushree Kalura,Grade 5
    III. Tanishka Nautiyal, Grade 5
    IV. Anvika Dobhal,Grade 5 & Ahana Gurung,Grade 4

    Congratulations to all the participants and the winners

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  • 27/04/2023

    Achievement Inter school Nukkad Natak Competition

    "Nukkad Natak or a Street Play is considered the best medium to interact directly with the audience in order to sensitize them about any issue or challenge."

    Our students participated in the Inter-school Nukkad Natak Competition organised by NDS, Shyampur, Rishikesh on 27th April,2023.

    The theme for the competition was 'Anti Corruption' and we are delighted to announce that our students won the hearts by their excellent performance and secured the 3rd Position in the competition.

    We congratulate all the participants and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

    Dance is the hidden ability that speaks directly to one's own soul

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  • 26/04/2023

    Result of Inter house Badminton Competition

    A badminton Inter-house competition was held at DIPs Rishikesh on 26th April,2023. Students of Grade 9-12 performed with such excellence and effortlessness that everyone was left speechless. In this competition, students from all the houses demonstrated spontaneity and confidence at their highest levels.

    The winners are-
    Senior Category Boys Senior Category Girls
    Abhinav Baluni, Grade 12, Prithvi House. Tanuja Bisht, Grade 10, Agni House
    Yuvraj Singh, Grade 12, Aakash House. Aditi Rawat, Grade 12, Aakash House
    Junior Category Boys Junior Category Girls
    Vijay Raj Singh, Grade 10, Prithvi House Sapna Rana, Grade 9, Agni House
    Anuj Rana, Grade 10, Aakash House Abhilasha Petwal, Grade 9, Agni House

    Congratulations to all the winners and participants

    The Inter-House Solo Dance Competition of Grade III to V was a sight to behold. The participants showcased their incredible talent on the dance floor, leaving everyone amazed. We congratulate all the participants for their outstanding performances.

    Here are the glimpses of the competition

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  • 22/04/2023

    Earth Day Celebration

    Every year, Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April to remind everyone of their duties towards ‘Mother Nature.’ As a part of the celebration, the Social Science department of DIPs Rishikesh initiated and engaged the children in making a difference.

    A myriad of activities were conducted in the school on 19th April- 20th April,2023 under the guidance of HOD Social Science Ms. Geeta Pokhriyal .

    Special Assembly was conducted on both the days where the children of Grade 5 performed #Save Water Act and children of Grade 8 presented a #NukkadNatak. Our precious Environmental conservationists from Grade 6-12 contributed by doing various activities:

    TLM_Making and Slogan Writing - Grade 6 & 7
    Sapling Plantation - Grade 7
    Speech Competition - Grade 9,10 & 12
    Debate Competition - Grade 10

    The aim behind this celebration was to instill the realisation of the world which they live in and it was evidently achieved by their enthusiasm throughout this celebration. The students got inspired and promised to save, love, and respect Mother Nature with all their hearts and soul.

    Happy Earth Day 2023

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  • 18/04/2023

    Our precious tiny tots of Grade Nursery

    "Children love knowing that they’re appreciated by the people around them. Praise them, and let them know that they are a blessing to this world. Each one is unique, and they will leave their own marks in this world."

    We are delighted to share the lovely moments of our precious tiny tots of Grade Nursery as we welcome them allwhole heartedly to our DIPs Rishikesh family

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  • 15/04/2023

    Baisakhi Activity

    Baisakhi is a time to be thankful for the abundant blessings of nature."

    The harvest festival, Baisakhi, is the joyous occasion of hope and happiness in everyone's life. Children were taught about this day by teachers in the class and they also did finger printing and colouring to create corn stalk on the colouring sheet. The objective of this activity was to acquaint students about Baisakhi and its significance in our culture and to engage them in the celebration of Baisakhi.

    "Children love knowing that they’re appreciated by the people around them. Praise them, and let them know that they are a blessing to this. world Each one is unique, and they will leave their own marks in this world."

    We are delighted to share the lovely moments of our precious tiny tots of Grade Nursery as we welcome them all whole heartedly to our DIPs Rishikesh family

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  • 13/04/2023

    The French Language Orientation Program

    A French language Orientation Program was organized for the students of Grade 6th to 8th. The students were told about the importance of #French language and acquainted with the pronunciation of letters in French Language.The students attended the program enthusiastically and loved to learn and know about the globally acclaimed language.

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  • 06/04/2023

    Scholars Recognition Ceremony

    "Success is not a destination, it's a journey. The true essence of success is in the relentless pursuit of your dreams."

    To acknowledge and celebrate the hard work, dedication and achievements of the students, Scholar's Recognition ceremony was organised by DIPs Rishikesh on April 06, 2023.

    The meritorious students of Grade Nursery to VIII who achieved excellence in academics in the session 2022-23 were felicitated by Principal Dr. Tanuja Sharma Pokhariyal and Vice Principal Mrs. Swati Panday .

    In her address the Principal, Dr. Tanuja Sharma Pokhariyal congratulated the students on their success and appreciated them for their hard work and high level of excellence. She also encouraged them to work diligently and persevere to scale greater heights. The ceremony not only recognized the students' achievements but also served as a motivational factor for all the students. It encouraged them to work harder and aim for excellence in all their future endeavours.

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  • 05/04/2023

    First Day of School

    Heartfelt welcome for the 1st day in school to our little ones. We wish and pray successful journey henceforth.

    It's time to make new friends, learn new things and show the world what you're made of.

    Dream big and work really hard. The world is yours

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  • 15/02/2022

    From Preprimary to Grade 9 and Grade 11, Session-2023-24

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